How to use a Discount Code

Are you eligible for discounted Surfline Premium?

Check out this article to see our active promotions: What membership types do we offer? 

If eligible, contact customer support for a discount code! 

Note: discount codes are different to gift codes. If you've received an e-card in your email inbox, check out this FAQ instead: How can I redeem a Surfline Gift Card?

How to redeem a discount code


Customer Support might send you a discount code link, in which the code has automatically been applied. In this case, you don't need to apply the code. Just click the link and you'll see the discount reflected before checking out


The above is an example of a discount code link. If you click it, you'll arrive at the page screenshotted below. As you can see, the discount code has already been applied.



If you receive a provide a discount CODE (not a URL link), head to our website and follow any prompt, link, or button to join Premium.

From the "Upgrade" page, look for the Have a Surfline Premium discount code? button (below the Annual and Monthly subscription options).

Enter your code and hit Apply code.

You should see green banners explicitly confirming that the discount has been applied.


Important notes

  • If the Monthly/Annual subscription option disappears, it is because your discount code can only be used for the Monthly/Annual
  • If you can't subscribe, the code you used might have expired.
  • You are not eligible for the free trial promotion when you apply a discount code
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