Why do I have Sessions clips without me surfing in them?

Important notes

  • Edits must be made within 5 days of the Session being recorded. Otherwise, your clips are lost.

Reasons why you might not be in the clips...

  1. Wrong spot assigned to the Session

  2. Wrong camera angle selected for the Session

  3. "False waves" that your device mistakenly thought you surfed

  4. Cam timing issue

1. Wrong spot assigned to the Session

Especially where we have multiple close by, we may automatically assign the incorrect spot to the Session.

If you notice the spot name isn't right, click Edit in the top right corner of the Sessions page, and manually assign the correct spot to the Session. My Session has the wrong spot assigned!

Once you've reassigned the Session, new clips will be generated.

2. Wrong camera angle selected for the Session

Many spots offer multiple cam angles.

You must select the correct cam angle within 5 days of surfing to secure your clips.

Hit the muti cam icon and select the correct angle from the tab that appears at the bottom of the page.


3. "False waves" that your device mistakenly thought you surfed

Interpreting surf data isn’t so easy, and you might find that we’ve picked up some “non-waves”. We recommend answering the “Did you surf this wave? Yes/No” question to clean up the list.

  • If you accidentally mark a wave you surfed as “No”, hit the Sort & Filter button and check “Attempted waves

If you’d like to provide some further information, you can also mark waves more accurately as:

  • I didn’t surf this wave

  • I can’t find myself in this clip

  • I surfed this wave, but I don’t want it

  • I tried to catch it but I missed it

3. Cam timing issue

A rare but possible cause.

Are you missing from ALL clips, not just some?

Have you found yourself in Rewind clips, consistently a minute or so off from the timestamp showing on the wave in Sessions?

If so, submit a support request and attach

  • A screenshot of where you found yourself on the Rewind files (see example below)
  • A URL link to what you believe to be the corresponding Sessions wave which you can't see yourself surfing in. How to share your Sessions.



A screenshot like the above provides Support with all the info they need to find your wave. They need to see everything highlighted in red.

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