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Important notes

  • This needs to be corrected within 5 days of the Session being recorded
  • If changes are made after 5 days, no footage will be generated for the new spot. Footage will be lost from the previous spot assigned, and cannot be recovered.

Why does my Session show the wrong spot?

If the spot you surfed is close to another spot, the wrong spot may automatically be assigned to the Session.

There may not be a cam at the spot incorrectly assigned, meaning no video will be generated.

How can I assign the correct spot for the Session?

This is an easy fix that requires you to simply "Edit" your event and choose the correct spot.

If you edit a Session more than 5 days old, we won't be able to pull new cam footage. Editing the Session will cause you to lose the cam footage from the previously assigned location.


1. Tap Edit in the upper right corner of your Session



2. Make sure the check the correct spot and select Apply:



You can also rename the Session & delete the Session from this page, see the article Organizing your clips for more.





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