How do I sync my Session to Surfline?

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Important notes

  • How to sync a recorded Session depends on what you used to record it
  • Make sure you manually stop the Session when you've finished surfing.


Using Surfline's own watch app?

The sync will automatically happen when your Apple Watch is within reach of your iPhone.

Your Sessions data will be immediately available, but the syncing process may take up to five minutes.

If it is still not syncing, make sure your Apple Watch and iPhone are connectedTo see if your Apple Watch is connected to your iPhone, touch and hold the bottom of the watch screen, swipe up to open Control Center, and then look for the Connected status icon (below).


Using a compatible partner?


Still not syncing?

Try a disconnect/reconnect. Disconnect the partner (Garmin, SearchGPS or Dawn Patrol) from Surfline through the partner app, and then reconnect shortly after.

Try disconnecting/reconnecting the watch with your iPhone.


...Still not syncing?!

Probably best to contact Surfline's dedicated support team. Click this link to submit a "Sessions Question" support request (under Request Type).

Surfline is limited in our capacity to troubleshoot issues on a Garmin or Rip Curl watch, for example. We recommend contacting the brand directly. Likewise, we cannot provide technical assistance for Dawn Patrol's software.

But, if a Session is showing up just fine in the partner app but failing to sync to Surfline, we need to take a look! Our support agents need to see everything you're seeing in your account, so attach screenshots and photos of any potential clue to help us understand the issue.

Screenshots to attach for

  • (If using a compatible partner) take screenshots from within Garmin Connect, SearchGPS or Dawn Patrol showing details of Sessions that are yet to sync to Surfline.
  • Screenshots from within the Surfline Sessions tab (even if only showing that a Session is missing)
  • Screenshot/photos of any error messages you're seeing

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