What is Sessions?

What is Sessions?

Surfline Sessions helps you document your surfing experiences by tracking your rides through GPS and delivering shareable data and videos to your Surfline iOS app. Sessions employs our extensive camera network, Cam Rewind tool and forecast data in conjunction with third-party wearable devices to provide users with video clips, detailed ride metrics, surf and weather information directly to their iPhone while they surf.

With Surfline Sessions, users have the ability to watch any wave they ride in front of a Surfline camera the moment they get out of the water. These rides can then be shared with friends and family, studied to improve future sessions, and saved for posterity. 

A demo reel and renderings of the product can be found here.

How does it work? 

When using Sessions and wearing one of our compatible partner devices, either an Apple Watch , Search Rip Curl Search GPS II or Garmin Device our cameras will detect and record any waves ridden within view of a Surfline cam. All waves ridden or attempted within view of a Surfline cam will be compiled into Sessions clips and automatically uploaded to your Surfline app on your phone. These rides will be delivered as both shareable clip URLS and downloadable files.

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