What is Sessions?

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Important Notes

  • Sessions is only compatible with the iOS app
  • A Premium subscription is needed in order to receive clips of your waves

What is Sessions?

Surfline Sessions joins the forces of our expert forecast data, our huge camera network and our Rewind footage. In conjunction with third-party wearable devices, we can provide you with video clips, detailed ride metrics, surf and weather information directly to your iPhone after a surf.

A demo reel and renderings of the product can be found here.

How does it work? 

The device you're wearing records data that is then analysed to identify rides.

That information is then used to download your clips from the webcam. All waves ridden (or attempted) within view of a Surfline cam will be compiled into Sessions clips and automatically uploaded to your Surfline app on your iPhone. These rides will be delivered as both shareable clip URLS and downloadable files.

What is the Surfline Compatible Program?

The Surfline Compatible Partner Program was created in order to accommodate surfers who want to track using other services/devices and drive innovation in this area. This program includes both software and hardware developers that meet a standard of quality that we approve.

Through the Surfline Compatible Partner Program, we are proud to support the following devices and software developers

Once you connect your Surfline account with that of our compatible partners, your sessions will automatically sync to Surfline and generate clips. Surfline's partnered apps will provide the detailed metrics of your tracked Sessions.

How can I get started?

How you use Sessions will depend on the watch/software you use to record the Session. If you haven't got a watch yet, please see the following article: What types of devices and gear do I need to get started?

To continue, choose the relevant article for instructions on how to set up and use your device:

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