Surf Alerts (iOS only) - Troubleshooting

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Please refer to the following article for information on what Surf Alerts are and how to set them up: Surf Alerts (iOS only)

Experiencing an issue receiving Surf Alerts that have already been set up?

If you are not receiving Surf Alerts you've set up, please check the following:

  1. That the spot covered by a human forecaster
  2. That there is a working camera at the spot
  3. That you have the notifications on your iOS device enabled for Surfline

The most likely reason is the spot(s) aren't covered by a human forecaster, or Surfline hasn't been granted the necessary notification permissions in your iPhone settings.

Even if a subregional report is showing on the spot you want alerts on - if our global wave model is driving the surf heights, we won't send notifications. We will only fire an Alert when a human has manually checked the surf and made a call.

How to report an issue

Write to with screenshots showing us a) your Surf Alerts & parameters from within the Surfline app, and b) the permissions you granted Surfline from within your iPhone settings. We'll take a closer look to see what's going on.

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