Understanding Surfline's Android App Homepage

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Important notes

  • Sub-region filtering is now available in the Favorites tab. The regions shown are based on the spots you have saved. You can select multiple sub-regions. Tap a region again to deselect it (or select All).

Homepage overview

  1. Homepage toggle. 2 homepage layouts: Live and Forecast
  2. Live tab - Shows all your Favorite spots in a list with surf height and rating right now. Spots with cams and/or live wind are marked. Take a look at the following FAQ for instruction on how to manage or reorder your favorites in the Android app: Managing Favorites in the Android app Screenshot_20240429-111853_Surfline.jpg
  3. Forecast tab - Shows the forecasted surf rating and height for 16 days ahead for each spot in your favorites. Compare the forecast at your favorite spots with a 3x daily surf rating and height readout, as well as a faded grey line showing how surf height is trending through the day.Screenshot_20240429-111902_Surfline.jpg



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