What is Premium and where can I subscribe?




Access to selected live-streaming cams Full access to just under 1000 cams
Ad-supported cam streams Ad-free cam streams
Data from our proprietary wave model

2x daily surf reports from Forecasters (where available)

7 days of expert-written forecasts (where available)

Modeled wind data Real-time wind data from live stations at surf spots (where available)
5-day surf forecast 16-day surf forecast
3 hourly surf ratings Hourly surf ratings
x Wave Energy and other Surfline Labs metrics
x Historic forecasts back to 2010
x Expert forecaster analysis
  Long-range tides out to 10 years
x Rewind all of our cams back 5 days
x Sessions What is Sessions?


Surfline offers both monthly and annual subscription options: What membership types do we offer? 

Subject to regional availability, we've recently launched a forecast-only subscription tier. Hit the upgrade link below and use the drop-down menu below. 

Screenshot 2023-08-09 at 08.50.07.png

Subscriptions can be purchased with us directly, but are also available in the iOS & Android apps (with billing managed through the relevant app store).

If you haven’t tried Premium before, you are eligible for a 7-day free trial of the annual plan. Follow the link below.




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