Where are the maps on the Surfline website?

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How do I access the maps?

1. From the homepage of surfline.com, click on the Cams & Forecasts menu and select Map.


2. From any spot page, scroll down and you'll see the spot's Country / State / Region / Spot. Click on the region of interest to be taken to the corresponding map.


How do I use the map page?


You'll be taken to a page with a list of spots on the left-hand side, and a map on the right-hand side. Toggle between surf spots, buoys or Surfline's charts with the 3 buttons highlighted in red.

The spots visible on the map show up on the list. Note: scroll down to see all. Move/navigate the map to update the list of spots.

Surf spots are represented by a colored pill shape on the map showing the estimated surf height, condition rating color, and a cam icon (where available).


As you zoom out, spots are replaced by circles with a number in the middle. The number represents the amount of spots within the given area.

The numbered circle's colored border represents the condition ratings of the spots within.

How do I move around the map?

Use your mouse/trackpad to click, hold & drag the map.

Scrolling will zoom in/out, or alternatively use the +/- buttons in the top lefthand corner of the map.

Note: the spots visible in the map will show up on the left-hand side of the page. As you move the map, the list of spots will update.







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