Does the price of Surfline Premium include tax?

The advertised prices for Surfline Premium subscriptions may be tax exclusive depending on where you are located. For example, in the United States advertised prices do not include tax. The subscription sign up pages will indicate whether the price is inclusive or exclusive of tax.  

Some regions consider electronically delivered products, services, or subscriptions taxable. To comply with local tax jurisdictions, consumption tax (e.g., sales tax, GST, VAT, etc.) may be added to your Premium subscription price when you first sign up for your subscription or upon renewal. This means the price charged may be slightly different than the Premium price you saw advertised. 

How is the tax amount determined?

If you live in a region where Surfline subscriptions are subject to consumption tax (as determined by your billing address), you should expect applicable tax on your monthly or annual subscription charges. 

Tax rates vary by country, state, city, and local jurisdiction and are based on the rates applicable at the time of your monthly or annual charge. These amounts can change over time with local tax requirements.

For more information about consumption taxes in your region, please refer to your local government’s website. 

What happens if tax becomes required in my region? 

If we become required to add a tax to your subscription for your location, either due to changes in local tax requirements or a change in your billing address, the change will be made on your account automatically. 

Please note, if you've moved since signing up for your Surfline Premium subscription, you need to update your payment details in Account Settings to ensure you’re being charged correctly.


If you have any additional questions, please submit a support request and our team will be able to assist you. 


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