How can I use my Garmin Watch with Surfline Sessions?

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  • A Surfline Premium membership. You might be eligible for a free trial if you've never joined before. Visit
  • A Garmin Watch compatible/preloaded with the Surf Activity function (see a list of compatible devices here)
  • iPhone with iOS 14 (or more recent), the Surfline iOS app and the Garmin Connect iOS app installed
  • A Garmin Connect account

How to connect your Garmin watch to Surfline Sessions

  1. Make sure you are on the latest version of the Surfline app.
  2. Sign in to the Surfline app
  3. Allow location access for Surfline
    1. Search Surfline in your iPhone settings
    2. Select Location under ALLOW SURFLINE TO ACCESS
    3. Set to While Using the App
    4. Enable Precise Location
  4. Head to the Account tab (bottom right of app screen)
  5. Hit Connect a Partner under Connected Accounts
  6. Choose Connect to Garmin
  7. Sign in to your Garmin account in the pop up window and follow instructions to connect accounts. Verify your connection on the "Done" screen.

How to generate a Session

  1. Make sure you've connected Garmin with Surfline
  2. Make sure you've got the Surf Activity installed
  3. Make sure your Garmin device is connected to your phone and the Garmin Connect App.
  4. On your Garmin Watch, select the Surf Activity
  5. Wait for GPS, this can take a few moments. Do this while you put on your wetsuit...
  6. When you see the surf activity watch face, be sure to hit START before paddling out.

    …go surfing…

  7. When the Session has finished, hit the back button and choose resume or save
  8. As soon as your watch is close to your phone, your rides will be uploaded to your Garmin Connect app
  9. Wait a few minutes while we interpret the data and generate your clips
  10. You will receive a notification from Surfline when your clips are ready.

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