How to Add, Reorder and Delete Favorites on the Surfline Website

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Adding new spots

You can add any spot using the + Add favorite button top right of any spot page.

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If you're setting up an account from the very beginning, you might prefer to use our dedicated "Add Favorites" page

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Search for specific spots, or select one of the three tabs at the top of the page (Popular spots / Spots pick for you / Spots around the world) for suggested spots to add to your favorites.


Delete/reorder your Favorites list

Surfline is better when your most frequented spots are at the top of your favorites list.

We have a dedicated "Edit Favorites" page that can be accessed from the user icon dropdown menu and through Favorites.

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  • Click & hold the 3 horizontal lines to drag a spot up/down the list
  • Hit REMOVE to delete the spot from your Favorites
  • Your changes are instantaneously saved (a green confirmation banner shows)





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