How do I set up Surf Alerts?


When your favorite spots are working, we can let you know!

Surf Alerts allow you to set up push notifications for specific spots under certain conditions (based on a rating and surf height) from your Surfline iOS app.

Surf Alerts will only work for spots covered by a member of our human forecast team, where a human is manually inputting the surf height in their AM/PM report.


  • The iOS Surfline app – (not yet available on other platforms)
  • A human forecaster manually calling the surf height
  • "Allow Notifications" is toggled on for Surfline in iPhone settings

How do I set them up?

In the Surfline app, hit Surf Alerts under the Account tab


Hit + Add Spot Notification and search for the spot. Hit the compass arrow to be shown spots near you. When you find the spot you're looking for, mark it with a green tick by clicking on it. 


Next, you want to set up the parameters in order to be notified. Choose the rating you want to be alerted to, the surf height range in which you'd paddle out. Select whether you'd like to be alerted to the AM or PM report, or both!

Tip: you can add multiple spots at the same time if the parameters are the same! IMG_0786.PNG

Once your notifications are set up, they can be edited by tapping them or toggling them on or off.


If you aren't getting alerted

Check the requirements noted above. The spot needs to be covered by a human forecaster*, and Surfline needs permission to send notifications.

*Even if a subregional report is showing on the spot page, if our global wave model is driving the surf heights, we won't send notifications. Only when a human has manually made a call do we permit a notifications firing.

If you think there is some kind of an issue

Write to with screenshots showing us a) your Surf Alerts & parameters from within the Surfline app, and b) the permissions you granted Surfline from within your iPhone settings. We'll take a closer look to see what's going on.

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