Where should I surf? How do I know if I'm in the cam's frame?

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Can we move the cam?

We're open to your suggestions - write to support@surfline.com.

However, cams are fixed in their positions for a variety of reasons. We are limited in our capacity to constantly shift them around.

This means there will be small days in which rides are cut short as they leave the frame, as well as big days in which the take-off spot is further out than where we're pointing. This is unfortunate, but there is nothing we can do about it... yet

I am not in my clips

If you surf a wave out of frame, Sessions does not know this — you'll just find an "empty" clip without you surfing in it.

We suggest deciding on a cam to surf in front of BEFORE paddling out. Check out the cam(s) at a spot before getting in the water and identify certain marker points that will help you map out the general parameters of the cam's frame. 

How Rewind can help you sit in the right spot

  1. Choose a cam you want to surf in front of and hit Rewind from the website.
  2. Change the playback speed to 2x or more
  3. Identify a position in the lineup in which your full ride will be captured and take note of visible landmarks

The above steps can help you spot where waves are consistently breaking across a reef/bank. This kind of pattern is easily missed by the human eye. Again, use markers (or the crowd) to figure out where that is when you're in the water.

Then paddle out, catch ALL the waves everyone else has been missing while looking out to the horizon, and come in with a tonne of clips to sort through. 

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