Upgrading or downgrading your Surfline subscription

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Important Notes:

  • To see if Premium+ is available in your area, please head to surfline.com/upgrade.
  • Premium+ is only available with annual subscriptions, not monthly.
  • Premium and Premium+ subscription made through the website can be managed at https://www.surfline.com/account/subscription
  • If you purchased Premium or Premium+ through the app, you can manage your subscription through your iTunes or Google Play account. Subscription made through the app cannot be managed through the website.

How can I upgrade my annual Surfline Premium subscription to Premium+ ?

If Surfline Premium+ is available in your region, you can sign up for a 7-day free trial by logging onto your account and heading to Surfline.com/upgrade.

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How much will I be charged?

When upgrading to Premium+ the remaining balance of your annual Surfline Premium subscription will be added to your account as a credit, and you will be charged the difference at the end of your free trial.

How can I cancel my Premium+ subscription or free trial?

All subscription made through the Surfline website can be managed at https://www.surfline.com/account/subscription. On this page you can cancel the auto-renewal on your subscription by clicking on Cancel Surfline Subscription:

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How can I downgrade from Premium+ back to standard Premium?

You can downgrade your Premium+ subscription on the website at https://www.surfline.com/account/subscription. On this page, click Manage Plan, and then select the plan you prefer from the upgrade page.

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If you are in a free trial to Premium+ - Managing your subscription plan will automatically cancel your free trial and revert your subscription back to the Surfline Premium plan you were previously on. The credit that was added when upgrading to Premium+ will be deducted from your account and your subscription will immediately revert back to the plan it was previously on.

If you have already been charged for a Premium+ subscription - You can cancel the auto-renewal on your subscription so you will not be charged at the end of your subscription term. If you would like to downgrade before your subscription is set to auto-renewal, please contact support@surfline.com for further assistance.


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