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What is AI Technology

Artificial intelligence, or “AI” technology includes software systems that generate outputs such as predictions, content, or recommendations based upon the inputs they receive.

How does Surfline use AI technology for Premium+ features?

Surfline has enabled over 100 Smart Cams with AI technology to enable new ground-breaking features that help surfers to know before they go and capture video of themselves. These AI technologies receive inputs from Surfline’s internal archive of coastal imagery to detect, track, analyze and measure insights that you are trying to gather when watching the cams, such as wave height, wave frequency, ridden vs. unridden waves, and number of surfers. Smart Cams use AI technology to calibrate live conditions, trends, and make it easier to navigate through waves ridden to find your clips.

Do Surfline Smart Cams use facial recognition software to identify surfers or other individuals?

No, Surfline cameras, including the new Smart Cams, are not configured with facial recognition software to identify specific individuals. At Surfline we are focused on keeping an eye on the surf, not you, and privacy is top of mind during our development process. Our Smart Cam technology is built to power our Premium+ features to detect, track, analyze and measure data related to the surf zone. For more information about how Surfline handles personal data please visit our Privacy Policy, here.

Which Premium+ features are powered by AI technology, and will the AI technology be used for anything else?

Wave Timeline, the Wave Distribution and Crowd graphs, and Smart Clips are the first set of Premium+ features powered by AI technology. We are continuously iterating on how to improve your Surfline experience and this includes building and delivering even more features that leverage the rich data insights from our Smart Cam technology. As always, user experience and individual privacy are integral components of our development process. We can’t give too much away about upcoming releases, but we are just getting the party started.

Why are all Surfline cameras not using the AI technology?

Unfortunately, making a camera a Smart Cam is not as easy as flipping a switch and a variety of factors play into whether a camera can be AI-enabled, including software configuration and camera location. We are working to continue expanding the Smart Cam network as much as possible. Our current Smart Cams are marked by a neon camera icon.


If you would like to suggest a camera in your area to become a Smart Cam, please contact customer support via email at or submitting a ticket here.



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