What are Camera Insights?

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Important Notes:

  • This is a Premium+ subscription feature only. To see if Premium+ is available in your area, please head to surfline.com/upgrade.
  • This feature is only available for spots that have Smart Cams (click here for more information)

Camera Insights

Camera Insights provide a summary of recent conditions based on the last 60 minutes of data collected by Surfline Smart Cams; which include Wave Distribution and Crowd.

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Wave Distribution is a ratio of waves that broke compared to waves ridden which are separated by the height of the waves. Outliers are filtered out - for example, waves that only broke for one second or very small waves that are unrideable will not impact these graphs.

Crowd is an observation of the size of the crowd throughout the day as well as a prediction for the rest of the day, compared to the average over the last year.

Errors and delays

It takes time to process the camera data, so you may see a gap in the graph below the most recent video footage while it is processing.

Occasionally, cams aren’t able to gather wave data due to visibility issues such as fog or glare, or other technical issues. This can result in periods without any wave data or none at all.

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