How do I find a surf spot in the Surfline Android app?

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You can search for spot pages in the Surfline Android app by using one of the following: the search function; the explore tab; or the regional categorization. 

1. Search function

If you know the name of the spot you are looking for, head to the search function found at the top right of the homepage in the app, and type in the name of the spot. Under the list of spots that appear look for the spot name, but make sure to take note of the region listed underneath the spot name as there could be multiple spot pages with the same name.


2. Explore tab

For detailed instructions on how to use the Android Explore tab, click here

To find spots in the Explore tab, click Explore at the bottom of the app, and select the Surf Spots button on the map:


Navigate through the map to your region of interest. Spots visible on the map can be browsed using the dismissible carousel tab below the map. As you swipe left/right through the spots, the spot selected will show the estimated surf height on the map and the dot will become a pill shape. See below.


Click the spot from the carousel tab to access the spot page; you cannot click through to spots on the map. 

3. Regional categorization

Click the search function at the top right corner of the homepage in the app, and scroll down the page to the Find a Spot section:


Select the continent > country > region > area of interest. A list of spots will appear under the area you've selected. Click on any of the spot names to be directed to that spot page.


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