How to use offline mode on your iOS device

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Important notes

  • You must open the app and load up the spots before heading off grid!
  • Do not force quit the app as long as you'll need offline mode

What is offline mode?

We've made it so the app doesn't clear what you loaded up when at home with WiFi.

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How to use offline mode?

1. While with signal, open the Surfline app and check the spots you'll be heading out to.

2. Background the Surfline app (but do not force quit the app).

3. Reopen the Surfline app when you don't have signal and spots you checked in step 1. will still be checkable


What offline mode can't do

  • Load fresh forecast data
  • Load spots you didn't check when you had signal
  • Use the charts
  • Load cam streams or Rewind
  • Load articles or editorial content


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