Wave Consistency

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Important notes

  • The Wave Consistency score can vary even if the forecasted surf height remains the same
  • The Wave Consistency score is not a measure of surf quality.
  • Poor "windswell" days will likely have a higher Consistency score than special swell events (or "groundswell" days) due to the distance the waves have travelled to your spot
  • Flat days can have high Consistency scores because the threshold for a set is accordingly lower
  • This feature is only available to our Premium and Forecast members

What is Wave Consistency?

A metric to help you determine when it will be pumping or lully.

The graph predicts how regular the set waves are at a specific spot. We’re putting a value on how “setty” the surf will be and how many waves there will be in a set. 


How should I use it?

A metric to determine how consistent set waves will be.

If a spot you know will be crowded is showing a low score, pick a board that will help you paddle into it early or make the most of the in-between waves.

The higher the number, the more sets (and waves in a set) you can expect.

If the paddle out looks difficult but the consistency score is low, you can be confident in waiting for a nice lull before attempting to get out there.

How is the score calculated?

Wave Consistency predicts the frequency of waves every hour, at every spot, on a scale out of 100.

  • 20/100 might feel a bit slow or lully.
  • 80/100 will be consistent - more waves, but a trickier paddle out!

We derive this from our wave model, LOTUS, by predicting how many waves will exceed a certain wave height threshold for that spot. The higher the score, the more often that threshold has been exceeded (more sets).

The scale is standardized across spots, so you can compare Wave Consistency at your favorite breaks, along with swell height, wind, and tide before you head out.

Note: the Wave Consistency score can vary even if the forecasted surf height remains the same.


Where can I find it?

Under the Labs graphs at the bottom of every spot page.

Screenshot 2024-04-23 at 3.19.27 PM.png

Available now on web, iOS, and Android to Premium and Forecast members.


Questions? Feedback? Issues?

As a Surfline Labs feature, Wave Consistency is still in its early phases, and the UI and data models behind it may continue to evolve as we test it out and receive feedback from members. Feel free to reach out with your thoughts at feedback@surfline.com

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