Which surf spots have cameras?

Important notes

  • Not all spots we issue forecasts for have cams!
  • Any spot showing a cam icon has a single cam.
  • A spot showing the Multi Cam icon has more than one angle available.
  • Consider a forecast-only subscription plan if living far from live cam streams.

How can I see spots with cams?

Hit the Cams & Forecasts menu, determine your region of interest and see a list of spots with or without cam symbols.

Screenshot 2023-11-09 at 10.33.32.png

If you'd like to improve the cam experience of your Surfline account, use our dedicated "Add Favorites" page and select SPOTS WITH CAMS to ensure all streams near you are accessible with a click of a button.

Screenshot 2022-12-06 at 13.53.51.png


I want a cam at my home spot.

Do you know of a business/residence with a view to the waves, power supply and internet connection? You can have them apply to host one of our cams (or refer them yourself) using the link below:


Local tips have proven to be the key to success in securing some of our most prized locations on the network. We'd be keen to expand & develop our coverage around you.


There are no cams nearby

Then you might be interested in our Forecast membership! This includes full access to our forecast data at a reduced cost, subject to regional availability. To see if the forecast plan is available in your region, head to surfline.com/upgrade and see if thee options shows benearth. Yearly/Monthly

Forecast members get:

  • 16 days of forecast
  • Hourly forecast data
  • Condition ratings
  • All Forecast team reports, forecasts, and analysis
  • Charts
  • Live Winds
  • Ad-supported cams (Premium cams not included)


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