Which surf spots have cameras?

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Important notes

  • Not all spots we issue forecasts for have cams!
  • Any spot showing a cam icon has a single cam.
  • A spot showing the Multi Cam icon has more than one angle available.
  • Consider a forecast-only subscription plan if living far from live cam streams.

How can I see spots with cams?

Hit the Cams & Forecasts menu, determine your region of interest and see a list of spots with or without cam symbols.

Screenshot 2023-11-09 at 10.33.32.png


I want a cam at my home spot.

Do you know of a business/residence with a view to the waves, power supply and internet connection? You can have them apply to host one of our cams (or refer them yourself) using the link below:


Local tips have proven to be the key to success in securing some of our most prized locations on the network. We'd be keen to expand & develop our coverage around you.


There are no cams nearby

Then you might be interested in our Forecast membership! This includes full access to our forecast data at a reduced cost, subject to regional availability. To see if the forecast plan is available in your region, head to surfline.com/upgrade and see if thee options shows beneath. Yearly/Monthly

Forecast members get:

  • 16 days of forecast
  • Hourly forecast data
  • Condition ratings
  • All Forecast team reports, forecasts, and analysis
  • Charts
  • Live Winds
  • Ad-supported cams (Premium cams not included)


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