How do I upgrade from Forecast-only membership to Premium?

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In the top right corner of the website, click the user icon. You should see your current status as a Forecast member. Click any Upgrade now button. 

Then you're taken to Subscriptions, under the Account section. See the current plan and rate you're paying in grey.

To upgrade from Forecast-only, click the green option to Go Premium and take note of the rate increase associated.

Note: even on annual plans prices are displayed in a broken-down monthly rate for comparison purposes.

Screenshot 2023-10-31 at 12.27.33.png

Before making payment, you'll be shown the price of Premium with the value you've already paid serving as a credit. This allows you to upgrade your plan within the same billed period. Click Upgrade to Premium if you're happy to proceed and pay the outstanding balance.

Screenshot 2023-10-31 at 12.27.49.png

Check back in on your Account section to confirm your current plan and rate.

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Head to your Account tab.

Under your email address, you'll see a link to upgrade or start a free trial (depending on eligibility).

Eligible for free trial

Start free trial.PNG

Not eligible for free trial

Go Premium.PNG

You'll see a page with a Yearly/Monthly subscription option. Click the button below "Looking for more Surfline memberships?", from which you can join the Forecast-Only membership plan. You may be offered a free trial period.

With 7 days free.PNG

Upgrade to forecast.PNG



Upgrade from Forecast-Only member to Premium member.

The same button you used to join Forecast-Only can be used to upgrade to Premium. Hit Upgrade now.

Note: your account status (registered user, Forecast member or Premium member) will be in green below your email address.

Upgrade from forecast to Premium.PNG

Upgade from forecast to Premium 2.PNG


Confirming purchase

Please read and confirm the terms of your purchase. It will state when you are first charged and whether or not you'll be getting a free trial.


Eligible for free trial (Forecast membership)


Not eligible for free trial (upgrading to Premium from Forecast membership)



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