Where are the swell and wind charts on the website?

Important notes


From the homepage of Surfline.com 

Hit Cams & Forecasts and then Charts, highlighted in red below.




From spot pages

From any spot page (app or website), hit Charts under the spot's title. Regardless of the spot you click through from, you'll access the same global chart platform.



The new charts combine the highest resolution data we have available into the same product, which means you no longer have to click through different regions to access a specific chart, nor do you need to toggle between the various chart options.



2 buttons (top right) allow you to select map layers and options

Map layers

  • Significant wave height
  • Peak period
  • Wave energy
  • Wind
  • Sea surface temperature
  • Toggle isobars on/off

Map options

  • Set timezone
  • See the model run age
  • Show/hide the legend.

+ - symbol (bottom right) allows you to zoom in and out. Click & drag to navigate the global map and zoom in to your region of interest to see the highest-resolution data we have available.


Historic Charts

See the last couple of days by rewinding before Today.

Screenshot 2023-10-20 at 12.16.54.png



We will continue enhancing these charts, and appreciate any feedback you may have to help guide future development. Submit a request via our Help Desk if you'd like to discuss anything!


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