How can I print a forecast?

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Are you heading somewhere with poor internet?

Want to put up a forecast on the wall?

Note: forecasts update every 6 hours with realtime observation data making adjustments to our predictions. This means any printed forecast will be showing our predictions at the time the document was printed. As soon as you're back with internet connection, check the website/app or print a new copy for a more accurate resource.


Red boxes highlight steps .2 and .3 below

  1. Open a spot forecast page
  2. Hit the Forecast tab
  3. Hit the layout toggle
  4. File > Print
  5. In Google Chrome: hit More Settings and then scale the document to 50 so you can get all data to fit in one page. See screenshot below.
  6. Print!




If you have any questions, suggestions, or experience any difficulties with my guidance, reach out to during the working week and one of our dedicated support staff would be happy to help.

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