How to change from Monthly to Annual?

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Important notes

  • If your membership was purchased through the Surfline app, you can only change your subscription plan through your iTunes/Apple ID or Google Play account
  • Discounted memberships might not offer a monthly plan
  • Forecast-only memberships do not offer a monthly plan
  • You cannot change the term of Gift Card subscriptions

Upgrade from Monthly to Yearly

1. While logged in to your Surfline account that holds a Monthly Premium subscription, hit the User icon (to the right of the search bar) and then Account.

Screenshot 2023-07-25 at 15.28.30.png

2. Hit the SUBSCRIPTION tab.


3. The green GO YEARLY button is the link to migrate your subscription type. Note the monthly rate is big/bold text and the billing info is below



4. Once you hit GO YEARLY, you'll arrive at a confirmation page with a billing summary (screenshot below).


5. Once you click "Upgrade to Yearly", you will change from monthly to annual billing — effective immediately. The remaining balance on your Monthly sub contribute to the annual charge of $99.99.

Your annual subscription will automatically renew every year until canceled.


Downgrade from Yearly to Monthly

When you sign up for a Yearly subscription, you are joining a discounted rate to reward the commitment. You cannot downgrade from a yearly to a monthly subscription once you have signed up for a yearly subscription. If you need a flexible subscription as you're not surfing all year, please sign up to Monthly.

If you're on Yearly in error, please contact or submit a "billing assistance" request through our help centre.

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