How do I update my card information?

If your membership was purchased through the Surfline app, please head to your iTunes/Apple ID or Google Play account to update your payment details.

If your Premium membership was made via the Surfline website, please follow the steps below:

1)Go to the Surfline homepage.

2) Make sure you are logged in. Click on ACCOUNT in the dropdown under your name and then SUBSCRIPTION at the top of the page.



3) To update a current card:

Click the small black arrow to the right of the card number.


Fill in the new expiration date for your credit card and hit SAVE.


4) To add a new card:

Click the ADD NEW CARD button to add a new card. After adding the new card, make sure to confirm your Default card, or to delete the old card, if need be. As long as your auto-renewal is active, your membership will renew on the card that you set as Default. If your account is currently expired and you would like directions on how to renew, click here.



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