Managing Favorites in the Android app

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Important notes

  • Changes made in the app will reflect on the website (and vice versa) as long as you're logged in to the same Surfline account
  • Surfline works best when your most frequented spots are at the top of the list.

How to search for a new spot

Use the search icon to search for specific surf spots or geographical area, or use the Explore tab to find surf spots on a map.

How to add a spot as a favorite

From the spot page, tap the star icon (top right) to save the spot as a Favorite.

How to delete a favorite

To remove from your favorites, tap the star icon again.

How to reorder the list of favorites

To reorder your favorites, hold down a surf spot and then drag it to a new position.



Live vs Forecast

There are two tabs on your Favorites page: Live and Forecast. The Live tab shows a current surf report, and the Forecast tab will show you a forecast overview for all your favorites.


Screenshot_20240327-114754_Surfline.jpg Screenshot_20240327-114820_Surfline.jpg

You can also filter the favorites shown regionally in either of these tabs by selecting the region(s) you are interested in at the top of the page. 



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