How does the 25 & Under membership work? 

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The 25 & Under membership plan is available to Surfline users aged 16-25 years old, who prove their age with an accepted identification document using Stripe Identity. This annual membership plan offers a 40% discount and will automatically renew each year at the discounted Premium price until the renewal date after your 26th birthday. At this time, you will automatically be transitioned to the regular Premium membership price. We will send an email to notify you about this change at least 30 days prior to the first billing at the regular price point. You can change your membership plan before your next renewal or opt-out of auto-renewal at any time in Account Settings. 

See more details about this price below. 

I’m under 16, can I sign up for this membership? 

Surfline products are for surfers 16 and older. Please see our Terms of Use for more information.  

Why am I asked to verify my identity for the 25 & Under membership plan? 

In an effort to prevent fraud, the identity verification process helps us ensure that you are the age communicated and eligible for the 25 & Under membership. 

How are you verifying my age and who has access to my verification data? 

Surfline uses our partner, Stripe Identity, to verify your age and eligibility using an official identification document. Stripe will have access to the information you submit through the verification flow, and Surfline will have limited access to the data as well. We rely on Stripe to securely store your verification data. 

Stripe will ask for your consent before collecting and using your information. They will only use your verification data in accordance with the permissions you grant before starting the verification process, and based on their Privacy Policy. 

Please take a look here for further information on the verification process and how Stripe handles and stores your data: 

Do I have to use Stripe Identity? Can I send you my documents via email? 

Before signing up for the 25 & Under membership, users are required to complete the Stripe Identity workflow to validate age and eligibility for the plan. Please do not email Surfline with images of your Photo ID - all identity verification must be completed through Stripe Identity. 

Is the 25 & Under discounted price offered globally? 

This price exists in every country where our partner, Stripe identity, can verify your age. See a list where this is available here. 

What forms of identification does Stripe Identity accept? 

Stripe will typically review images of your government-issued photo ID to ensure that the document is authentic. 

I already have a regular priced Premium subscription, how can I change? 

Please cancel the auto-renewal on your current membership so it expires at the end of the membership term. Once it has expired, please head to and select the 25 & Under membership. You will then be able to verify your age to qualify for the membership.  

Are you going to raise my price on my birthday? 

Once you reach 26, your next membership renewal, whenever that may fall, will be at the regular Premium membership price. You can view the renewal date (and cancel your membership renewal) at any time in your Account Settings: Please contact Customer Support at for further information on pricing. 

I’m in school, but older than 25, is there a price for me? 

Yes, we offer a 50% annual discount to active enrolled students. Please contact from your active student (.edu) email address to request this discount. 

How do I sign up for this? 

Head to and select the 25 & Under membership plan where you will be able to verify your age and sign up. 

My subscription is through the app and linked to my App Store, how do I get this price? 

This discount is only available to memberships made through the Surfline website. Please cancel the renewal on your App Store membership, once it has expired, please head to the website at where you will be able to verify your age and sign up for the 25 & Under membership.  

If I cancel my subscription and resubscribe, will I still get the reduced rate while I am under 25? 

If you cancel your 25 & Under Premium membership, and wish to resign up, you will need to re-verify your eligibility.  

I uploaded my info to verify my age, but it was not accepted, what do I do? 

If you are running into issues with Stripe Identity, please check out this troubleshooting page provided by Stripe Identity: If you continue to experience difficulty after several attempts, please contact us.  

Please do not email Surfline with images of your Photo ID – all identity verification must be completed through Stripe. 

I am a student, is there a discount for me? 

Surfline offers a 50% discount on annual Premium memberships if you are a full-time enrolled student. Please contact from your active student (.edu) email address. 


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