Swell analysis graph in the iOS app

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Important notes

  • You can change the Y-axis of the chart to energy (in kJ) or height (in ft/m) using the toggle above the graph
  • Arrow size indicates period (longer period swell shows a bigger directional arrow)

Where can I find it?

Below any surf height bar chart on the Live or Forecast tab, click the Advanced Swell link:


How to use the swell graph in the app:


1. Select the Swell tab at the top of the page to see the swell graphs. 

2. Swipe your finger across any empty space on the pop-up page to swipe through the days of the forecast

3. Place your finger on the graph and drag it to change the timestamp

4. Individually sorted swell readouts are shown in the boxes above the graph for the day/time selected

5. The swell you've selected is a black line (vs a grey line on an unselected swell). To select a different swell, click on a different box above the graph or click the line directly on the chart

6. The swell you've selected is overlaid on a satellite image of the spot so you can understand the direction of impact.


Let support@surfline.com know if you have any questions! 


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