What about the Forecast tab? What’s changed?

The forecast tab shows a spot-specific 16-day forecast including swell, surf, wind, tide, daylight hours, weather, and a colored surf ratings for each hour.

Surfline now provides a forecasted surf rating (ie Poor, Fair to Good) for each hour at every spot. We have made updates to how we forecast surf heights at spots, with our Forecast team providing more targeted input to spot forecasts.

The 7-point rating scale (down from 10), has a specific color associated with it. 


Our surf ratings take into account surf and wind and spot dynamics. We use a combination of a machine learning powered algorithm, trained on Surfline’s proprietary data sets of surf conditions, and human input to provide these forecasts.

You can also “scrub” through each hour of all the forecast graphs at once by tapping and sliding their finger along any of the graphs. This should help you see how conditions will vary throughout a forecast day together.





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