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As a default, your waves are listed in the same order that you caught them. To help you find the wave you’re looking for, we’ve built some features and filters...


If you remember catching the wave at a specific part of the break (e.g. insider, big set, different peak, breaking wide), hit the Map toggle to see your ride paths overlaid on a satellite image of the spot. Click on any path to see the clip of the ride.


In the list format, you can still sort the list by length of ride and max speed, both of which likely mean a special wave. Brett Barley, East Coast legend, reckons the easiest way is to quickly scan your waves for gems is to sort by length of ride and then select the ones with notable max speed.


Or, if you'd like to review all your waves, we have built some features to help you subsequently organize them.


Interpreting surf data isn’t so easy, and you might find that we’ve picked up some “non-waves”. We recommend answering the “Did you surf this wave? Yes/No” question to clean up the list.

  • If you accidentally mark a wave you surfed as “No”, hit the Sort & Filter button and check “Attempted waves


If you’d like to provide some further information, you can also mark waves more accurately as:

  • I didn’t surf this wave
  • I can’t find myself in this clip
  • I surfed this wave, but I don’t want it
  • I tried to catch it but I missed it


Finally, when you have found the wave(s) you were looking for, be sure to mark them with a star so they can be easily found.

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