Account Settings

Important notes

  • There is a dedicated help section for account management: click here to see more articles.
  • Click the button in the bottom right of your app screen to access account settings.


What is the Account section for?



  • Signing in/out of your account
  • Checking the email address you are logged in under
  • Linking an app store purchase of Premium to your Surfline account
  • Managing Surf Alerts
  • Cam preferences such as highlights & autoplay
  • Setting unit preferences
  • Connecting a Sessions partner
  • Granting app permissions (location & health)
  • Terms of use & data consent preferences
  • Getting app info (version & build ID) for troubleshooting issues
  • Accessing FAQs and contacting us!

Any changes made to the settings will be reflected on all devices logged in to the Surfline account.



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