No human forecaster? Highlighted conditions.

If there is no human forecaster covering the spot or region, Surfline might look a little different.


On a regional forecast page, you won't see any colored boxes, and text descriptions have been automatically generated.


If you don't see the name or face of an expert forecaster or reporter, then you can be sure you're looking at LOTUS numbers. Please take a look here for more information on LOTUS

These predicted surf heights are calculated using the best available bathymetry data for the surf spot. The dark blue and light blue shown on each bar represent minimum and maximum predicted surf height, respectively.


See as predicted surf height goes from 4-5ft, down to 4ft, back to 4-5ft and then up to 5-6ft

You may have noticed some yellow bars below the surf and wind graphs; which are designed to highlight when conditions predicted match the 'good' or 'optimal' conditions we have set for the spot. “Optimal conditions” would suggest:

  • Swell traveling directly towards the beach from a favored direction
  • Offshore or light local winds.

A wealth of prime swell direction, swell height, swell period, and wind knowledge is used to create those yellow bars — that’s what comes with being in the forecast business for 30 years!


Light yellow means either the swell or wind is good for the spot. Dark yellow means swell or wind is optimal.

If you don't like the swell analysis graph, use the toggle in the top right to switch to a table format! Wind and swell are listed side by side, and when good/optimal condition criteria are met, it is clearly highlighted.


Wind can vary significantly, even within a few miles — that’s what makes our Spot forecasts so valuable. Wind on Spot pages have traditionally been a product of lower resolution global models, but not any more! In many areas we produce our own proprietary High Res winds charts, the winds you are seeing on the spot forecast pages are some of the highest resolution winds available.


Head to your nearby Charts page to check out the High Res wind on offer

Solving surf heights and conditions on the spot level is incredibly complex and dynamic. So, user feedback can really help to make the Spot pages as accurate and valuable as possible. Feel free to Submit a request and select Forecasting Accuracy with any feedback, questions or concerns.


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