Conditions ratings where we don't have a human forecaster

How can I tell if an expert forecaster is covering my spot/region?

If expert human forecasters are covering a region, they adjust surf height and ratings based on their observation & wealth of knowledge/experience. Where we don't have human forecasters making 2x daily adjustments, we don't get that kind of input.

Under the Current Conditions heading (beneath the cam player but above the forecast data), can you see a name or picture of someone from our expert forecasting team? If you can't find one, you're looking at raw model output.

"The colored rating isn't accurate..."

In 2022, we launched an at-a-glance* tool designed to highlight windows with a good swell/wind combination for the spot.

*This tool is no alternative for checking the full forecast, combined with knowledge & experience at a spot. The more you put into your surf check, the more you'll get out of it.

Previously, Surfline highlighted optimal conditions with a small yellow bar under the wind & swell charts (see below). These bars were less obvious, so some errors we had with spots' configurations went unnoticed. Light yellow means either the swell or wind is good for the spot. Dark yellow means swell or wind is optimal.


Now this optimal conditions data informs the rating we show, the errors have become more obvious! We want to know about them.

Create a support request if you think we're issuing an incorrect rating based on the conditions we're forecasting, we can likely make adjustments to the spot's configuration to improve rating accuracy in future.

If it looks like the forecast itself is incorrect (e.g. the wind blowing from a different direction than forecasted) then that is an entirely different matter! We still want to know, but don't expect an easy "fix". Calculating surf heights and conditions on the spot level is incredibly complex and dynamic. User feedback is valuable, welcome and really helps make the spot pages as accurate as possible. 

Check out this FAQ to learn more about providing forecast feedback: Why are the current surf conditions different from the Surfline report?






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