Understanding Surfline's Live tab

When you arrive at any spot page, you land on the Live tab.


The Live tab includes all the information we think you need to decide whether you're surfing now, or later today. Know before you go, the basis of what Surfline's reports and forecasts are all about. Should I go surfing now? Or will the surf be better in a few hours?

If we operate a cam from the spot, you'll find the cam player right at the top of the page. If we have any other angles available from this same spot, you'll see them within the black space. If we don't, you'll just see Nearby Spots on a carousel.

Below that we have a Current Conditions section, with boxes to capture the surf/swell, wind, weather, temperature and stage of tide, right now.

IF there is a human forecaster operating in the area, you'll find their AM/PM surf report which describes conditions at the time of their observation, as well as how they see the rest of the day playing out.

To the right of the AM/PM report are the "Best Bets" and "Forecast Highlights" notes. They quickly put you on to the best surf windows, and provide some key tips to keep in mind while planning a session through the week ahead.

Keep scrolling down and you're looking at 24hrs of data from our proprietary wave model, LOTUS.

As with everything surf report and forecast related on Surfline, we rely on user feedback to make them as accurate and valuable as possible. Feel free to Submit a request and select Forecasting Accuracy with any questions/concerns.

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