What is Multi-Cam?

Premium members can check up to nine spots at the same time with new, personalized camera page.

For a detailed video tutorial on all of the aspects of our Multi-Cam feature, please take a look here.

You can access the Multi-Cam from any page on Surfline by clicking the small “Multi-Cam” icon on the far-left corner of the “Favorites” bar.

Note: To launch the Multi-Cam, you’ll need to log in to your Premium account.



To add cams, click on any of your “Favorites” in the right column. The first cam you select will automatically load into the top-left corner – what we call the Primary Cam Window. In order to load the next cam, you will need to choose which window you’d like to fill by clicking on any of the empty boxes. 

At the bottom of the Multi-Cam player, there’s a control panel. Here, you can select the number of cams you want to watch, pause all cams on the screen, or enter full-screen mode for all the cameras that are streaming. The camera in the top left corner -- the primary cam -- will show as the largest cam in the first three Multi-Cam player sizing options.


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