What is Multi-Cam?

The ultimate cam experience on Surfline: play up to 9 cam streams, side-by-side.

For a detailed video tutorial on all of the aspects of our Multi-Cam feature, click here. Web only. Not available in the app.

How to use

You’ll need to log in to your Premium account (sign up for a free 15-day trial now). Hit MULTI-CAM on the far left of your Favorites bar, highlighted below.



#1 To add a cam

Click one of the cam players

The selected cam player will show colored borders; this means it can now be changed

Choose a spot from the list of spots on the righthand side of the page

Note: only spots with a cam symbol next to the name have a cam.

#2 To add another spot

Click a different cam player

The colored borders will now show on the new cam player

Choose a different spot from the menu on the righthand side of the page


#3 To add a different cam angle from the same spot

Click a different cam player

The colored borders will now show on the new cam player

Choose the same spot

Use the Multi-Cam symbol to load a different cam

In the below example, all 4 cam players have Anchor Point selected. Then, use the Multi-Cam symbol within each cam player to set individual streams.

Note: you can get all the cams within a region to show using the Favorite Regions. Your Favorite Regions are regions in which you have saved favorites.

Screen map


Need to see the forecast? Scroll down!

If you select a spot (or cam player), a summary view of the forecast will load up just below. Scroll down to see tide, wind, swell & surf height through the next 24 hrs.


Note: your Multi Cam preferences are saved locally to your browser. If you clear cache & cookies, you'll need to set things up again. Don't worry, doesn't take long.


If you have any questions, submit a request to reach one of our stoked support agents within a few working days. Attach screenshots that will help them see anything you describe.



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