Adding, editing and reordering favorites on the website

Adding and saving favorites on the website couldn't be simpler.

Head to the Cams and Reports tab on and select the region you are interested in. This will bring up a list of surf spots and cameras in the area. 



To favorite a camera or surf spot, simply click the Add Favorite button on the top right.



Editing and Reordering Favorites

Head to Favorites in the drop down menu underneath the account tab.


Under the Favorites tab, you will be able to manually add other spots to your favorites list as well as click and drag them to reorder. 


Favorites can also be removed when you are at the specific spot page by un-clicking the blue favorite button.



To view all of your favorites in one easy place, check out Surfline's Multi-Cam where up to nine surf spots can be checked at once! 




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