How do I connect my Garmin Device with Surfline Sessions?

Make sure your Garmin device has the Surf Activity. A complete list of available devices can be found here.

Once you've verified your Garmin device, follow these steps to quickly connect your Surfline and Garmin accounts:

Make sure you have the things you need:

  • The Surfline iOS App and a Surfline account. Make sure your Surfline iOS App is the most up to date version.
  • The Garmin Connect iOS App and a Garmin account
  • A Garmin device with the Surf Activity installed. 

Once you've got the above:

  1. Make sure you're signed into both apps.
  2. Go to the Sessions Tab of the Surfline App.
  3. Tap "Connect a Partner".


     4. Tap "Connect to Gamrin"


    5. Enter your Garmin Account info and complete the connection process.



     6. Verify your connection on the "Done" screen.


     7. Make sure your Garmin device is connected to your phone and Garmin Connect App.

     8. Go surf!



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