What happened to my Sessions Clips?

Our biggest goal with Surfline Sessions is to make sure you get your Sessions Clips every time you surf, and we do everything possible to mitigate any chance of you losing your Sessions clips. However, there times when this might happen. If you still have questions after this article, please send us a note and we'll get back to you ASAP.

Below are the reasons you might be missing your Sessions Clips:

  1. The Sessions app was synced too late with your watch: Due to storage capacity, we currently only save camera footage for 5 days.
    • If you sync your session to Surfline or our Compatible Partners 5 or more days after you surfed, we will not have the footage with which to generate your clips.
    • Similarily, if you change the spot of your session in the "Edit" screen more than 5 days after your session, we will not be able to generate Sessions Clips at the new spot AND you will lose the current clips from your session. ***We do show a pop-up to make sure you know you will be losing clips in this scenario.
  2. Technical issues at your chosen surf spot:
    • Our cam network does experience network issues from time to time.  If the cam at your surf spot was down due to an ISP connection issue with our internal network, we will not be able to provide Sessions Clips.
      • You can mitigate this by checking the cam before you paddle out, which also helps you know where the cam is pointing so you can stay in the cam frame.
    • Even rarer than this, sometimes our Cam Rewind system experiences an outage. In this case, the live stream might be running, but the footage will not be saving. This is very rare but can happen. In this case, we won't be able to generate your Sessions Clips.
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