Get Started: Quick Set-up Guide

Welcome to Surfline Sessions! This new feature in the Surfline iOS app allows surfers to track their sessions using an Apple Watch. For each session tracked, surfers receive a summary of their surf data and the ocean conditions for the time that they were in the water. Additionally, if tracked at a spot with a Surfline camera, surfers will receive a video clip for each wave they rode.

Our quick set-up guide is designed to help get you in the water and on your way to receiving personalized video clips of your surfing experience as quickly as possible.


Update the app from the iTunes Store.

  1. Check your Apple Watch to make sure it's installed there as well
  2. If it's not on your watch, install manually


Go to the new Sessions Tab in the Surfline iOS App to make sure you're all set up:

  1. Signed in
  2. Location Services enabled


Go Surf - Start your session from your Apple Watch (charged at least 75%) and paddle out. If in front of a cam, try to stay in frame when catching waves.

**We recommend surfing with a UAG watch strap to ensure your Apple Watch remains secure.**



Stop Session - Be sure to stop your session when getting out of the water to avoid collecting inaccurate data. To do this, unlock the water lock and press "end" in the Surfline application.


Sync Session - Once you stop your session and you are in proximity of your phone, your rides will be uploaded to your Surfline iOS app. If you are not in proximity of your phone, your session may need to be manually synced once you are back at your phone, and you will need to press "sync" within the Surfline Apple Watch App.

In a matter of minutes, your session will appear in the Surfline application on your phone.

If using Dawn Patrol, you will need to open the Dawn Patrol app to sync your session with Surfline. Everything else will be the same.

**Be sure to sync your Surfline sessions within 5 days in order to receive video.**

Other Information:

Devices and Gear

In order to track your session, you'll need an Apple Watch, Series 2 or newer that has GPS capability. 

Compatible Partners - The Surfline Compatible Partner Program was created in order to facilitate surfers who want to track using other services/devices and drive innovation in this area. This program includes both software and hardware developers.

Thank you for using Surfline Sessions. We hope this set-up guide gave you everything you need to begin using the feature, but if not, please refer to the additional FAQ articles listed in the righthand column of this page. See you in the water!


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