What does each color mean?

To ensure that our Surfline reporters are consistently accurate, we wrote a Surf Reporter’s Manual and developed detailed surf report forms that needed to be filled out for each spot. Take a look here for more information. 

Our forecasters use a specific color code to describe the conditions of their forecasts.

The Surfline Surf Quality Scale

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  • 87c08ad0-d423-47fc-8f1c-f74ddf13dc9a.png VERY POOR 
  • 62ef6f09-b38c-47e3-8b52-5bcfd02a2061.png POOR 
  • e290eb04-4cc9-4df9-acc9-dcf38de4134d.png POOR TO FAIR 
  • 00e5c7dd-2df6-41de-83f7-1ddd70a93c27.png FAIR 
  • 225a747b-4c49-4f9b-86bb-4cb89a408202.png FAIR TO GOOD 
  • 1d76861b-76c2-472c-8a90-da437233e2d0.png GOOD 
  • 38d0d00c-7f46-4201-941d-8cd4ebef6210.png EPIC


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