How do I enlarge the font on Surfline?


Surfline does not have any zoom function on the website.

You need to zoom in/out using browser controls.

Normally this is a combination of Cmd (Mac) or ctrl (PC) and the + or - key.

Here are instructions for the different browsers:

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Mobile Website

Simply pinch and zoom like you would on a photo in your camera roll!

iOS App

You cannot pinch & zoom within the app like you can on the mobile website.

Head to your iPhone settings and search ZOOM.


Display Zoom (Display & Brightness)


Zoom (Accessibility > Zoom)

This zoom option is similar to the way you "pinch & zoom" the mobile website, mentioned above.

Under the Accessibility menu in your iPhone's settings, you will find a Zoom page.

At the top of the Zoom page, find a toggle to use 3 fingers.

Zoom magnifies the entire screen:

  • Double-tap three fingers to zoom
  • Drag three fingers to move round the screen
  • Double-tap three fingers and drag to change zoom



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