Why are the winds different on spots forecast vs regional forecast?

When using Surfline to plan your next session, you may notice that there's a difference in the wind conditions that are displayed on a spot forecast page and those that are displayed on a regional forecast page. This is because the wind data that is shown on a spot forecast page is generated for the exact location of the spot that you're viewing; whereas the wind data on a regional forecast page is generated for a single point within a region.

The regional forecast is meant to serve as an overview for the entire region, but there may be some variance in conditions between the regional forecast location and the specific spot forecast location.

For example, here's the wind predicted for 77th Street in the Rockaways:

And here's the predicted wind for the same time period for Nassau-Queens county, the region that 77th Street is in:

As you can see, it follows a pretty similar trend, but they are slightly different since they're predictions for slightly different locations. 

For more information on the differences between spot forecasts and regional forecasts, please check out this Helpdesk article.

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