[New Surfline] Where can I find 17-day extended tides?

On the legacy Surfline.com, long-range tides were only available on the spot forecast page. Now, on the new Surfline, we provide 17-day tide data on both the spot forecast page and the regional forecast page.

There are two ways to get to the spot forecast page from the spot report page:

1. Click the "SPOT FORECAST" tab when on the spot report page:


2. Or, you can click the "17-day Forecast" link above the 24 hour forecast charts on the spot report page:


To get to the regional forecast page, simply click the "Regional Forecast" tab in the sub-nav on either the spot report page or the spot forecast page:


Or, just search for any subregional forecast via the improved site search.

Once on the spot forecast or regional forecast page, scroll down to the forecast charts until you see the tide chart:


To see more tide data, click your desired date range at the top of the charts:


Please note that there may be some variance in the tide data on the spot forecast page versus the regional forecast page. For more information, check out this article on the differences between the spot report, spot forecast and regional forecast pages.

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