Logged out regularly?

Check #1

Ar you checking the Keep me signed in button when you log in to your account on the website?


Check #2

Make sure no one is sharing your Surfline account. You can ask Surfline Support to log you out of all devices currently logged in to your account if you suspect that to be the case...

We also recommend resetting your password.

If locked out of account hit this link: https://www.surfline.com/forgot-password 

If logged into account, hit this link: https://www.surfline.com/account/change-password 


Check #3

Is this happening on our website, in our app, or both?



  1. Is your phone/device on the latest operating system? If not, update it!
  2. Make sure you're on the latest version of our app
  3. Our #1 quick fix for most issues: delete & reinstall the Surfline app.


  1. Which internet browser are you using? Have you tried using another?
  2. Have you deleted your browser history (clearing your cache and cookies) recently? If so, this might be why. Some browsers will do this automatically & routinely. Always worth trying multiple browsers.

Still an issue?

Bring our support agents up to speed with as much information as possible to avoid unnecessary questions or back-and-forth! We will want to know the following...


(Note: "latest version" can vary from device to device)

Phone/tablet model:

Operating system (iOS or AndroidOS):

Surfline app version: 


Are you clicking the Keep me signed in button?

Internet browser(s) with issue:

Internet browser(s) without issue:

Deleted cache/cookies recently?


Please provide the necessary information and submit a support request to be assisted within a few working days.


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