Why am I seeing a device limit message?

Surfline takes steps to make sure that users are adhering to our policy on sharing accounts.

Although you may not be sharing your account, there are certain times you might receive a device limit message.

If this happens, our first recommendation is to Recover Your Account.  

Should you continue to receive this message, below are some reasons why:

  1. Consistently being logged off of your account in the web or mobile apps.
    • Surfline takes careful steps to make sure this does not happen. If it does, please make sure you have the most recent version of your device's operating system and the Surfline app.
    • If you are still experiencing this, please email support@surfline.com .
  2. Clearing your browser history and cache without first logging out of your Surfline account.
    • If you need to clear your history, we recommend that you log out of your Surfline account in your browser first.
    • Not logging out will cause our system to register your next sign in as a new device and potentially bump you over the device limit.
  3. If you are traveling or using many devices to check Surfline and do not log out, you will eventually hit your device limit.

If you are seeing this message and are not sharing your account, you can hit the "Continue" button on the device limit message and complete your sign-in to access Surfline Premium.

We hope you find this helpful, if not, please reach out to us.

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