Lineup Forecast

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Important notes

  • Only works on spots with cams (only available at a small number of spots)
  • Values are relative - don't use it to make spot to spot comparisons
  • If the forecast is wrong, the lineup prediction will be wrong
  • This feature is only available to our Premium and Forecast members
  • Only available on the website, not in the iOS or Android apps

What is the Lineup Forecast?

It predicts whether the spot will be busy or quiet across the forecast.

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How does it work?

Numbers are derived from our cam network.

Remember: statistics are just statistics and models can have their moments.

Sometimes the model will be more accurate, sometimes less. But we have a good idea about when people surf a spot.

We can tell you

  • Which hours of the day are busier/quieter
  • Which day of the week is normally more busy
  • How the forecast impacts numbers (what kind of conditions attract crowds)

Based on statistics of

  • Month

  • Weekday

  • Hour of day

  • Surf quality rating

  • (Coming soon) stage of the tide

We aren't factoring in

  • Beach closures
  • Temperatures
  • Weather
  • National holidays

We're keen to hear your feedback on this!

Write to and share your experience, whether positive or negative. We'll take everything on board.

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