How do I get my EVO Surfline Store discount code?

Maybe you’ve already checked out one of Surfline’s awesome gear guides and you are ready to purchase some gear.

Premium members get 15% off at major online surf shops including our very own Surfline store. Premium members get 15% off full price surf accessories, full price streetwear, and full price footwear; and 5% off all other categories and all outlet/discount items.

To access your exclusive discount code:

1) Submit a request.

2) Fill in all fields, and make sure to enter in your Subject line: EVO Discount Code

and in your Request Type: Billing Assistance 

3) After you receive the code, enter the code at checkout on the EVO Surfline store to get your discount.


Not a Premium member already? Start your free trial today!

Have more questions about how Premium works or about your Premium subscription? Check out all our articles in the Premium Subscriptions section.

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