Looking for a video, story, article or photo we posted?

Use the searchbar from the homepage

The searchbar at the top of the surfline.com homepage will bring up: Surf Spots, Regional Forecasts, Map Areas, "Surf News" & Travel Guides.

If looking for an article, check the Surf News heading and hit SEE ALL RESULTS (right of searchbar) if you aren't seeing what you're looking for in the dropdown menu.


No luck?

Our search bar isn't the best on the internet, sorry. Try Googling some key words followed by the word Surfline.

Old article/website?

We moved onto a more modern website around 2018. If you're looking for a pre-2018 article, it won't be available via the searchbar and is unlikely to come up on a Google Search.

We don't have access to these archived pages, unfortunately.

But don't hesitate to write in to support@surfline.com, regardless! We can share your expressed interest with the Editorial Team, who do have some content from the old site saved, to be republished at some point in future.

If you have a question regarding a story, photo, or video that appeared on Surfline, please submit a ticket and try to provide as much information* as possible to help the agent assisting you.

*URL, screenshot, photographer name, article title, etc. 



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